Monday, 13 February 2017

Welcome / About Music at Ardtornish

Welcome to the Music at Ardtornish Blog!

My name is Marli Sumner and I am the music teacher at Ardtornish. I am at the school Mondays - Thursdays and will be making and creating music with most of the students in the school. On Fridays, I will be involved with our school choir, assemblies and teaching our school's woodwind and brass intruments.

Students from Year 1 to Year 7 will come to the music classroom for one performing arts lesson a week.

I also conduct the Ardtornish School Band. Most students who have learnt their instrument for at least six months are encouraged to join the band to help develop their skills and to play and achieve with other students. The band occasionally plays at assemblies and is involved in the mid-year showcase and Year 7 graduation evening at the end of the year. We rehearse every Tuesday lunchtime in the Music Room.

Year 2/3 students will generally participate in recorder programs commencing around Term 2 or 3.

Year 6/7 students will participate in a ukelele program starting in Term 2 this year.

Students in Years 5/6/7 are encouraged to involved with the School Choir. The school choir takes part in the state's iconic Festival of Music which celebrates its 125th year since inception (1891!). The choir rehearses Friday morning under the direction of Tania Butterfield.

The school provides the venue and administrative support for students who wish to learn to play a musical instrument.  Tuition is provided by private tutors, and paid for by parents. Private teachers on site currently teach piano, guitar, drums/percussion, flute, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet and trombone. Information regarding instrument hire and lessons can be obtained at the front office.

Ms.Sumner :)

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